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MADE IN ITALY is our philosophy

Our brackets are the ideal fixing solution for external mono and multisplit air conditioning units and heat pumps. Several models available, including brackets with or without mounting bar, roof brackets.

For their production are used steel strips suitable for high resistance to corrosive environments. Our air conditioners brackets with bar are supplied with leveling system and with the necessary accessories for installation and fixing.
Their interlocking system with the safety plug guarantees a quick and long-lasting assembly.

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Brackets Painting

The painting of our products takes place in a modern and automated plant with automatic cabins with 12 guns, pre-washing and drying plant.

The use of Qualicoat RAL 9002 polyester based epoxy powder coats make them highly resistant to even the most extreme atmospheric agents.

Throughout the entire coating phase, the quality of all of our products is monitored and spot-checked.

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Brackets Packaging

The packaging of our brackets is made thanks to a semi-automatic line that allows us to optimize this last phase of our production.

All of our packaging is with quality cardboard, recyclable, neutral and customizable.

On request, we can also prepare our products with shrink film.

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Mounting of our clima brackets

Easy and immediate assembly, with interlocking system and side plug with self-locking nut (our model SPEEDY SAFETY).

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Browse our company web site and discover how our pipe clamps are developed and made

Raw material

A careful selection of raw materials and the evaluation of their characteristics, are the basis for the realization of our products and the guarantee of the best quality for our customers.

We produce a wide range of products that require the use of multiple materials, steel, pickled steel and stainless steel for our Clamps and fixing systems but also copper for our products dedicated to the world of tinsmithing or where required.

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Pipe clamps/ Collars

Our pipe clamps are produced with galvanized steel and stainless steel aisi 304 316,they are products developed to facilitate the simplest installations but also the most complex ones, where a reliable and flexible product is required.

Born from the gained over the past decades, our line of pipe clamps meets the most varied needs to simplify the installation work of the plants.

At the same of our brackets, are 100% Italian production in our factory in Fiume Veneto (PN) Our special electro-welding system of nut makes it incredibly resistant moreover, we carry out continuous checks on tightness of the welded nuts and the quality of the side thread.

Available with or without additional lock nut and with classic or quadruple expansion wall plug.

Discover the full range of collars.

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Pipe clamps packaging

5 automatic packaging lines with weight control and printer to customize the packaging of the products, along with 7 vertical manual packaging lines always with printer, allow us to pack over 16 million collars per year (2019).

Even the collar has its own identity and in the packaging phase of the product we can customize both the blister and the box by inserting any barcode logo graphics or anything else requested by the customer. Available with or without controdado and classic dowels

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In House production of moulds

The production cycle of our products begins with the choice of materials and ends with the packaging of the finished product.
The development of each article involves a linear process, from the first idea, to the design and technical design, up to the birth of the first samples with the respective production and control systems.

Thanks to the knowledge of the construction processes of the moulds, to the drawing and realization of the same and to their constant setting up and maintenance, we can realize our products in synergy with the market and our Customers.

The internal Research and Development Team supports us in all phases, solving problems and production variables also according to the materials chosen, and analyzing not only the effectiveness of the mold but also its life and its wear in order to optimize the production cycle.

The most important thing is listening to the needs of the market and the needs of our customers.

That’s why we are regularly and continuously engaged in our research activities that allow us to further develop and improve our products in an increasingly competitive environment.

Complete equipment of:

  • Die Sink edm
  • Wire Edm
  • 3 Axes Vertical machining center
  • CNC Milling cutter
  • Grinding machine
  • Plasma cutting System with 3000x1000mm pantograph
  • CNC bending press
  • Hardening Oven
  • Automatic CNC sawing machine

(You design it, we realize it!)

Thanks to a complete tooling and a 3000 x 1000mm plasma cutting system, weoffer you the possibility to make your items based on your projects.

We manufacture on drawing products in raw steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other metals.

We can also provide a complete service, from the study to the design of the item you need to its production, through 2 independent workstations with Solidworks software.

Once the projects have been received, our Team will evaluate the feasibility with the Customer and if possible the sales department will elaborate the best proposal/ commercial solution.

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