Elefant brackets with bar

With or without Mounting bar (vial on request)

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Leveling bar: 800 / 1000mm length 1.5/1.2 mm thickness
Vertical Arm : 350 / 400 / 600 mm length
Thickness 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.4 mm
Horizontal Arm: 380 / 480 / 600mm length
Thickness 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.4 mm

Material/ Thickness:
To produce our brackets (Speedy Normal, Speedy Safety, New Elefant models) we use steel coils/ strips of DX51 steel specially created for products to be painted!

Our products are painted with polyurethane powder paint for outdoor thermoset based polyester resin RAL 9002 made for use on weatherproof resistant products. The average thickness of the paint is 80 microns which ensures excellent corrosion resistance (after 1,000 hrs of test in saline fog no blistering).

All the screws used for the assembly of the brackets complies with UNI 5739 ( Screws) UNI 5588 (Interlocking nuts) UNI 6592 (Washer).

Anti-vibration gasket:
To prevent contact between the bracket and the machine from causing noise, two different solutions can be adopted:
1. The usual solution consists in the use of black rubber gaskets dimensions in mm: 42x9x5 with elasticity equal to 55 shore!. We specify Rubber and NON PVC highly polluting!
2. The best solution is the 'antivibrant' gasket 25 diameter h 20 with male-male M6/ M6 x 20 built in EPDM (cauciù) with hardness equal to 45 shore


C profile bar
C profile bar
Art. code Dimensions Thickness Version Loading Capacity €/Kit
12102 TCP 380X420X800 2 mm Normal 120 Kg ### €
12104 TCP 480X420X800 2 mm Normal 120 Kg ### €
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